1.9 Million Sales in the last 12 month

1,9 Million on drinks sales the last 12 month sales of our Le Lion – Bar de Paris and Boilerman Bar • Hamburg !

There is quite a lot of Basil and Lemon in these Numbers.


This Business is quite more an our kind of marketing activites . Inviting guest having a great night to some sample (hausbon) or inviting people to little #DayDrinking Events (Marketing)

Gin Basil Smash is served with Rutte Dry Gin so you have to add 17500€ extra sales for the Celery Basil Smash (Same Drink – just with Rutte Celery Gin)

Pol Roger has become currently our Champagne “by the glass”. So bottles are still extra – but not in the top 10.

Very proud to see modern Classics like Old Cuban (Bacardi 8) , Spicy Morgenthaler ( our version of a Richmond Gimlet with special Gin called Darnley’s View “spiced Gin”), Boston Sour (Elijah Craig 12 Years) and Whiskey Smash (Elijah Craig 12 Years) in the game. In general: People at Lion have always loved Champagne mixed Classics – Watch out for French 75 (Rutte Dry Gin).

It is a little shame that London Cup from Sipsmith is sometimes so hard to get in germany – cause we need it ?

Well – and let’s face it: Hendrick’s Gin has even more become a strong brand call from the guest perspective: Good Job CoCo ?

In generals It makes me happy to see that our small describtions we put on 2007 when opening still is right:”we serve a small selection of classic cocktails and champagne”!

And yes: This bar is still selling hell a lot of Gin – 5 from 10 Top 10 Drinks are Gin. Only Rutte I guess we will do up to 3000 bottles this year.

Beer – Wine etc does nearly not exist in lions sales ( well – we drink a few after work from time to time)


We today decided to change in Boilerman Bar from Finsburry Platinum Gin to Rutte Celery Gin for the Gin Basil Highball. So that is a decission on 19000+ drinks and +1100 bottles of Celery Gin per Anno – guess some people in Doordrecht today might like this

For Moscow Mule nowadays use a local brand called Bazic Vodka.

Two Beers are strong in Boilerman. We decided at the ipening 5 years ago to price beer a little highwr than the hood – but a good bourbon deserves a good beer. Ratherren is a local beer – Bayreuther is a great bavarian brand.

Here also Hendricks is a strong brand call but I am very glad to see that Hamburg People love the one and only real (and awesome) Hamburg Gin: GIN SUL – bravo Stephan!

London Bucks we serve with an asesome value for money gin: Hayman’s Royal Dock – awesome stuff.

Dark and Stormy we are sooooooo unhappy that this super cool OVD Rum is not any longer to get in the right numbers in germany and will now change to Lemon Hart Demerara!

And still: One if our drinks from the first Menue and an all time evergreen seller is in the top game: Sloppy joe’s Mojito with Bacardi Carta Oro and this amazing D’Arbo Pomegranate juice.

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