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Entreliquor-ship is how I describe my daily business. Liquid entrepreneurship. I am in the Bar Business since 20+ years.

Let me tell you a little bit about my Entreliquorship and my companies.

Lion Barbetriebe GmbH

We, my business partner Rainer Wendt and me, operate this company since 2004. It is operating two bars in Hamburg. Le Lion • Bar de Paris (opened 2004) and THE BOILERMAN BAR (opened 2012) . With THE BOILERMAN BAR we reinvent the HIGHBALL and brought it back in the track. Since 2015 we have two BOILERMAN BAR license wich are operated by great 25hours Hotels. One is at 25hours Hotel ALTES HAFENAMT at Hafencity Hamburg, one is located at 25hours Hotel ROYAL BAVARIAN in Munich, just oposite the main station. These licenses are maned by our second company, HIGHBALLER GmbH

Highballer GmbH

As we saw our Highball Business growing, we founded a new company called HIGHBALLER GMBH. Us it is Rainer Wendt, Andrej Busch (former Headbartender at our BOILERMAN BAR) and me. We started to team up with 25hours Hotels already with our Boilerman Bar and HIGHBALLER Gmbh now is taking care of many 25hours Hotel bars, most of them are Highball Bars.

We opened and currently manage with 25hrs Hotels so far:

Since 2016:

  • THE BOILERMAN BAR at the 25hours Hotel ALTES HAFENAMT Hamburg

Since 2017

  • CINCHONA BAR at the 25hours Hotel LANGSTRASSE in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • THE BOILERMAN BAR at the 25hours Hotel ROYAL BAVARIAN Munich

Since 2018

  • THE PARIS CLUB at 25hours Hotel DAS TOUR in Duesseldorf
  • MONKEY BAR at 25hours Hotel THE CIRCLE in Cologne
  • SAPE BAR at 25hours Hotel TERMINUS NORD in Paris, France

Alle bars are owned and operated by 25hours Hotel. We have a consulting contract with them, taking care of bar business.

Also we opened two bars in 2018 at the new (and beautiful) BIKINI Island and Moutain Hotel in Port de Soller, Mallorca.

Next to consultancy Highballer GmbH started TENDER SPRITS.

Tender-Spirits by Highballer

We started from autumn 2018 Tender-Spirits to import and distribute Liquors and great products we look think are needed in great bars and restaurants. Currently we take care of:

  • Dwersteg Organic Spirits

BUREAU jrgmyr GmbH

Thats my personal company, I am doing consultancy and communication in the bar business with since 20+ years (in 2004 it became a GmbH). Technically it pays also the servers for entrelqiuor.net. I consulted bars and restaurants but most of the time I do consultancy or communication for the other side of the bar business like Liquor brands or agencies pitching them.


This is my “newest” baby. I started to structure my business in a holding. So here I start to keep my company shares (like Highballer GmbH) but also started to do a joint venture with a liquor company. As you might can see in the name, I am planing to invest in other business. One day maybe in your. First I need to still make quite a lot of cash – but hey, hope it is ok the dream big from time to time (and also I want to listen to my tax guy)

For all PRESS / MEDIA inquiries please contact:


Ingrid Meyer-Lohrmann. Yep, that is my awesome wife running this fantastic PR Agency you should definitely have a look at if you are in the liquor or lifestyle business and need support in public relations. Contact her at ingrid @ iml-kommunikation.de

Find me at

bureau jrmgyr • Lilienstraße 3 • 20095 Hamburg • joerg @ jrgmyr.net