Entreliquor Audio Experience 007: Why do so many Top Bartenders leave the bar and work for the industry?

Dear Bartenders, dear Bar Owners, dear Bar Industry.

In Episode 007 of the Entreliquors Audio Experience Rene Dreher – Trend Manager from Mast Jaegermeister, ask some really serious questions – we all need to answer for our future.

• Where do you see the reasons why so many top bartenders are switching to the industry instead of having their own bar?

• Does the industry offer a secure future?

• “Are the top bartenders dying?”

BOOOOM – I gave my two cents in the Audio Podcast (click on then Picture to listen) here and we would love to hear your opinion on that. If you want to, send Audio Feedback into the Anchor.fm/entreliquor app – so I can make it an “Your opinion” show, or leave a a comment here.

So, please join the discussion. We would love to “hear” your opinion on this


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